Improvisation is not for the faint of heart

Not everyone can handle being put on the spot. Not everyone can fly by the seat of their pants. But improvisers live to be in the moment. If you fear standing in front of a crowd and speaking out loud and clear, maybe an improv class can help you. We can teach you how to say “Hi!” To total strangers. We can make those awkward moments into hilariously awkward moments! Team building, self esteem building, and just plain, old fun building! Come experience the joy of improv at Odd Lot Academy!

Odd Lot… making life odd one odd at a time

ODD LOTSo…. You think you’re odd? Welcome to the club! We here at Odd Lot have dedicated many hours to the study of oddness. And by many hours I mean just as I am sitting writing this.

What does it mean to be odd? Well, Webster’s dictionary defines odd as “having one more or one less than an even.”

Now, I could have looked that up, I am online after all as I write this, but I feel that knowledge is power, and power corrupts, so I’d like to maintain my purity by not really knowing things.

In any case, I would like to remind you that Odd Lot performs weekly at the Loft on Liberty! That’s just above the Savannah Coffee Roasters.

Grab a pastry and a cup of joe and laugh your uvula loose. The uvula is a Swedish car company that makes dependable, safe, somewhat boxy cars.

Viva la ignorance!

America the Odd

img_0336.jpgWe will be having our regularly scheduled Monday Night Madness on July 3rd! Come see the comedy fireworks that is Odd Lot! Don’t miss it! Unless you are otherwise engaged. I mean, you might be out town, for instance. You can miss it then. But don’t miss it otherwise… unless you are sick, or don’t feel like it, or are really gassy, or have other things to do… Tell you what, come see the show if can, it’s only $5!


Improv Comedy (1)Let’s face it, parking downtown can be a bit of a chore. And often is the case that you decide not venturing downtown would be easier than battling the armada of automobiles vying for limited parking spaces in the downtown area.

We assure you, our shows are worth it! But in an effort to guide our audiences to a more pleasant experience here are few tips.

1. Travel in packs! Pile into one vehicle and come downtown to improve your odds of getting odd with us.

2. Park south of Liberty street. There are two squares south of Liberty street on Barnard, they may offer up better parking opportunities than pretty much anywhere north of Liberty.

3. Walk. Get some exercise! Park many blocks away in the cozy neighborhoods that wind around the hostess city and walk. Give yourself plenty of time.

4. Use a teleporter. Teleporters are super convenient ways to get from place to place and they do not require parking spaces. Also, invent a teleporter.

5. Just stay at the Loft on Liberty. Renounce your worldly possessions and live in the warm glow of Odd Lot comedy! (This is a joke, we would make a terrible commune.)

There you have it! Some simple advice to get you to our shows!

Odd Lot Academy

Established in 2014, Odd Lot Academy has served the scholars of silly, the impresarios of improvisation, and the hardiest of har hars. And we are happy to announce that our new sessions will begin on May 2nd 2017! Learn the academic acrobatics that are the improvisational arts!

Here’s what some people are saying about improv classes:

“It really helped me come out of my shell.” – Louis Wisenblatter

“I can now read the minds of everyone around me.” Chelsea Picamonterio

“I have never felt more alive.” Livey McLivey-face

“None of these quotes are real, none of them!” – Odd Lot

Classes are $75 for a block of 4 sessions or $20 per drop in.

We offer three classes:

Ages 8-12 at 4pm – 5pm

Ages 13-17 at 530pm to 630pm

Ages 18 and up at 7pm to 8pm

Feel free to join us any Tuesday beginning May 2nd, 2017

Saturday Shenanigans!

Odd Lot has added a Saturday show to our roster! At first we did not know what to call it, so naturally we left it to fan votes. While we feared it would be called Showy McShow-face.  But luckily our fans are a class act and we can proudly announce our show is SATURDAY SHENANIGANS!

Advise those who go on trips!

Hello and howdy from the whole odd crew. We thought we would put out this friendly reminder that there are those in the universe who have not heard of our band of merry makers. Providing Savannah with the highest quality improv comedy is a honor and a pleasure, and we would love for the whole wide world to know what we’re up to! We’d love it if you went on Tripadvisor to tell the tale of the daring dos that we do when we do the dos we do.  Done.

And while yer at it, saunter over to Connect Savannah and vote for us in the best of 2017. The category that we have won 3 years running is Best Comedy Team. But think outside the box! We could be the Best Scandal or the Best Local Weatherman or, of course, the Best Thai restaurant.

Out of this world comedy!


In space, no one can hear you laugh

Odd Lot provides a vital service to Savannah. Goofy fun. Yes, you know what the doctors say, “Goofy fun will cure almost anything. Except major illness and injuries.” We at Odd Lot would like to extend our brand of comedy to the cosmos and beyond. We think there just isn’t enough laughter in space. Not because in the vacuum of space there is no sound, but rather, because things are very, very serious in space. We believe we can change that. We can reach into the vast, inky blackness of space and say “Lighten up.” 

Odd Lot has been providing Savannah with comedy for nearly a decade. And we are prepared to take the act on the road. So, if you have some special event, party, gathering, group, conference, meeting, reunion, get together, or soirée, we’d like you to consider hiring the very funnny and talented us. If by some chance you are in outer space, we will gladly perform there. (There will be small travel fees.)

So remember, Odd Lot for all your funny needs!

Improv can be murder

Every Friday night Odd Lot makes sure it has time to kill. We host a dinner theater murder mystery with a twist! A gourmet three course meal provided by the award winning Savannah Coffee Roasters Cafe and Bistro is served up while Savannah’s best comedy team improvises a hilarious murder mystery show.

You provide the suspects with names, occupations and even personality quirks, and we provide the belly laughs!

Cost is only $40 for the dinner AND the show.

Click below to make reservations!

Every show is a one of a kind event!

Savannah's Favorite Comedy Team!