Our all original production of Slotherhouse is TONIGHT!


TONIGHT… enjoy the insanity that is …SLOTHERHOUSE

The story of a Greedy Zoo CEO, his neglected goth daughter, a egocentric scientist and his assistants, a young couple, a precocious 10 year old, an animal rights activist, a sloth expert, and…. oh heck, it’s a crazy parody of bad horror movies, live, on stage. There’s 6 foot mutant sloth, I don’t what else you need.
…except maybe a double feature with “The Killer Shrews”! This bona fide cult classic stars a young James Best (better known as “Sheriff Roscoe P. Coltrane” on the old TV series THE DUKES OF HAZARD) and Ken Curtis (better known as the crusty hillbilly “Festus” in the even older TV series GUNSMOKE) as part of a small group of men and women who find themselves trapped on a small, isolated island during a hurricane, where they are brutalized by a pack of mutated “giant killer shrews.” These tiny, voracious rodents (which are famed for having such high metabolisms that they must consume several times their body weight daily in order to survive, were created accidentally by a scientist on the island who was attempting to discover a way to shrink human beings to one-half their normal size, to help prevent overcrowding of the earth. In reality, these “giant killer shrews” are actually played by a handful of friendly dogs with long rubber fangs glued to their teeth and what appear to be carpet samples tied onto their backs. A guaranteed crowd pleaser, it’s considered one of the most unintentionally funny horror films ever made.


Muse Arts Warehouse

703 D Louisville Rd., Savannah.

The evening will begin with The Killer Shrews, with Slotherhouse to follow.