Our new Indiegogo!

Welcome, 2017!

We’re sad to say that we’ve only got a month left at our Muse Arts Warehouse home. That’s right, only 4 Monday Night Madness shows are left at the Muse.

But fret not, our wonderful Oddities, all hope is not lost. We’re going to be moving into a brand new loft space located above the Savannah Coffee Roasters in the heart of Savannah!

The new space will be going up in March and we couldn’t be more excited. We’ll be able to put on multiple shows a week in addition to our Monday Night Madness shows and more classes and workshops!

But we need your help. Our new space needs electricity, air conditioning, and, er, walls, to be complete. So we’ve set up an Indiegogo campaign and we’re humbly asking for any help that you’re able to provide to Savannah’s Favorite Comedy Team. 

Any amount will help and be appreciated and we can’t wait to bring you guys even more of the oddness you have come to know and love.

So head on over to our Indiegogo!