Out of this world comedy!


In space, no one can hear you laugh

Odd Lot provides a vital service to Savannah. Goofy fun. Yes, you know what the doctors say, “Goofy fun will cure almost anything. Except major illness and injuries.” We at Odd Lot would like to extend our brand of comedy to the cosmos and beyond. We think there just isn’t enough laughter in space. Not because in the vacuum of space there is no sound, but rather, because things are very, very serious in space. We believe we can change that. We can reach into the vast, inky blackness of space and say “Lighten up.” 

Odd Lot has been providing Savannah with comedy for nearly a decade. And we are prepared to take the act on the road. So, if you have some special event, party, gathering, group, conference, meeting, reunion, get together, or soirée, we’d like you to consider hiring the very funnny and talented us. If by some chance you are in outer space, we will gladly perform there. (There will be small travel fees.)

So remember, Odd Lot for all your funny needs!