Improv Comedy (1)Let’s face it, parking downtown can be a bit of a chore. And often is the case that you decide not venturing downtown would be easier than battling the armada of automobiles vying for limited parking spaces in the downtown area.

We assure you, our shows are worth it! But in an effort to guide our audiences to a more pleasant experience here are few tips.

1. Travel in packs! Pile into one vehicle and come downtown to improve your odds of getting odd with us.

2. Park south of Liberty street. There are two squares south of Liberty street on Barnard, they may offer up better parking opportunities than pretty much anywhere north of Liberty.

3. Walk. Get some exercise! Park many blocks away in the cozy neighborhoods that wind around the hostess city and walk. Give yourself plenty of time.

4. Use a teleporter. Teleporters are super convenient ways to get from place to place and they do not require parking spaces. Also, invent a teleporter.

5. Just stay at the Loft on Liberty. Renounce your worldly possessions and live in the warm glow of Odd Lot comedy! (This is a joke, we would make a terrible commune.)

There you have it! Some simple advice to get you to our shows!