Odd Lot… making life odd one odd at a time

ODD LOTSo…. You think you’re odd? Welcome to the club! We here at Odd Lot have dedicated many hours to the study of oddness. And by many hours I mean just as I am sitting writing this.

What does it mean to be odd? Well, Webster’s dictionary defines odd as “having one more or one less than an even.”

Now, I could have looked that up, I am online after all as I write this, but I feel that knowledge is power, and power corrupts, so I’d like to maintain my purity by not really knowing things.

In any case, I would like to remind you that Odd Lot performs weekly at the Loft on Liberty! That’s just above the Savannah Coffee Roasters.

Grab a pastry and a cup of joe and laugh your uvula loose. The uvula is a Swedish car company that makes dependable, safe, somewhat boxy cars.

Viva la ignorance!