The Savannah 48 Hour Film Project

winOdd Lot creates all type of content. This year we entered the 48 Hour Film Project for the 3rd time. By sheer luck we drew Comedy as our genre. Comedy is an incredibly difficult genre to get right. Despite being an improv comedy team, an award winning improv comedy team, the thought of tackling a comedic piece in 48 hours was still very dunting.

For those of you who do not know, the 48 Hour Film Project is a film competition in which filmmakers compete against one another in creating a film from script to finished product in just 48 hours. This is a difficult task on its own, but the 48 Hour Film Project manages to add to the difficulty by assigning elements which must be included in your film. A character, this year Luke or Lana Beardsley who is a door to door salesperson, a prop, this year it was a measuring cup, and a line of dialogue “Who died and made you king?”

We are happy to announce that this year we were nominated in 14 categories and won 5! Including best film! Which means our film is headed to Paris, France for the next stage of the competition.

Awards won:
*Best film
*Best writing -Christopher Jean Soucy
*Best acting ensemble – Justin Kent, Marshall Frey,
Lynita Spivey, Trick Kelly, Lillian Soucy, Logan
Kent, Jake Roberts
*Group A Audience Choice award
*Best use of character
And received nominations for the following:
Best Directing – Christopher Soucy
Best Editing – Voe Joe
Special effects – Voe Joe
Best Graphics – Voe Joe and Andy H.
Best Actor – Justin P. Kent
Best Supporting Actor – Trick Kelly
Best Actress- Lynita Spivey
Best Use of a Prop
Best Cinematography- Zachary Burke

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