Odd Time Radio Hour

iceOdd Lot is excited to dive into this new adventure! An old time radio hour show that has serialized adventures for people to watch as we record or sit back and listen on the radio when they are broadcast on WRUU 107.5 FM!
Our first story is Savannah by Moonlight, a four episode adventure for our private eye Frank Ellis!

Detective Frank “Ice” Ellis always wears an overcoat, even in 110 degree weather, because he’s surrounded by ghosts that suck up all the heat. Despite his attempts to run a detective agency without any supernatural cases, Ice Madison is known as Detective Creepy. Every one of his cases hints to a labyrinthian underworld of chaos gods and the cults who worship them. He’s a hard boiled private eye who always knows that the next case might be his last.

Shows are recorded Thursdays at the Loft on Liberty just above the Savannah Coffee Roasters.

Cost is $5
Starting time is 8pm