Out of this world comedy!


In space, no one can hear you laugh

Odd Lot provides a vital service to Savannah. Goofy fun. Yes, you know what the doctors say, “Goofy fun will cure almost anything. Except major illness and injuries.” We at Odd Lot would like to extend our brand of comedy to the cosmos and beyond. We think there just isn’t enough laughter in space. Not because in the vacuum of space there is no sound, but rather, because things are very, very serious in space. We believe we can change that. We can reach into the vast, inky blackness of space and say “Lighten up.” 

Odd Lot has been providing Savannah with comedy for nearly a decade. And we are prepared to take the act on the road. So, if you have some special event, party, gathering, group, conference, meeting, reunion, get together, or soirée, we’d like you to consider hiring the very funnny and talented us. If by some chance you are in outer space, we will gladly perform there. (There will be small travel fees.)

So remember, Odd Lot for all your funny needs!

Improv can be murder

Every Friday night Odd Lot makes sure it has time to kill. We host a dinner theater murder mystery with a twist! A gourmet three course meal provided by the award winning Savannah Coffee Roasters Cafe and Bistro is served up while Savannah’s best comedy team improvises a hilarious murder mystery show.

You provide the suspects with names, occupations and even personality quirks, and we provide the belly laughs!

Cost is only $40 for the dinner AND the show.

Click below to make reservations!

Every show is a one of a kind event!

5 things to help you enjoy an Odd Lot Show

caloddPeople love to laugh. It is a scientifically proven fact… and even if it weren’t a scientifically proven fact, there is enough tangential evidence to support this claim. But, we are asked all the time… or at least a few times… well, once and it was hypothetical and in my mind “How do I enjoy an Odd Lot show?” So here is 5 things you can do to enjoy an Odd Lot show.

This is how click bait works, right?

  1. Improv comedy is thrilling and dangerous. Do not attempt to feed the performers they will bite your fingers clean off.
  2. While laughing, do NOT close your eyes. You don’t want to miss a single second. This, of course, will make you look like a raving lunatic, which is a plus in our book.
  3. Be sure to load up on carbs. Laughter provides as much exercise as running a marathon. Don’t look that one up, just trust us.
  4. Stretch! We cannot emphasize this enough. Rookie audience members often times pull a muscle because they were not prepared for the rigors of watching improv comedy.
  5. Yell. Just yell. A lot. Like more than you feel comfortable doing. Yell like you are being stabbed in the eyes. Yell and then yell some more. Make them notice you.

We hope these helpful tips will make your next visit to Odd Lot’s improv comedy show more rewarding!




Improv Comedy (2)Saturday, March 18th was the first show in Odd lot’s new space The Loft On Liberty! Directly above the Savannah Coffee Roasters and Bistro.

We will be bringing the highest quality comedy entertainment to downtown Savannah from our new home from here on out!

Fast, funny, and always family friendly! Come to the Coffee Roasters for the best food in town and visit us at the loft for the best comedy in town!

Our new Indiegogo!

Welcome, 2017!

We’re sad to say that we’ve only got a month left at our Muse Arts Warehouse home. That’s right, only 4 Monday Night Madness shows are left at the Muse.

But fret not, our wonderful Oddities, all hope is not lost. We’re going to be moving into a brand new loft space located above the Savannah Coffee Roasters in the heart of Savannah!

The new space will be going up in March and we couldn’t be more excited. We’ll be able to put on multiple shows a week in addition to our Monday Night Madness shows and more classes and workshops!

But we need your help. Our new space needs electricity, air conditioning, and, er, walls, to be complete. So we’ve set up an Indiegogo campaign and we’re humbly asking for any help that you’re able to provide to Savannah’s Favorite Comedy Team. 

Any amount will help and be appreciated and we can’t wait to bring you guys even more of the oddness you have come to know and love.

So head on over to our Indiegogo!


Monday Night Madness is on, tonight, at 8pm, ladies and gentlemen, but it’s not your standard, great MNM. Oh no. Tonight, we’ve got a very special announcement to make. Something big. Something…out of this world, perhaps?

Actually, it’s quite a part of this world, but still, it’s a pretty big announcement. So come on out, party with Savannah’s Favorite Comedy Team, and be the first in line to hear our big announcement.

Savannah's Favorite Comedy Team!