It’s A Threepeat!


Odd Lot is humbled to have won “Best Comedy Team in Savannah” by the readers of Connect Savannah.  It really is an honor, and we appreciate all those who voted for us. We will do our best to keep it up, and even improve this year, and hopefully we’ll make it a FOURpeat!

Thanks again, everyone!

History….but hysterical!

You know how sometimes you have friends coming into town and you want to find something to do with them and you’d do a walking tour downtown, but they make everything so dry and boring? Yeah. We do to. Odd Lot has joined with the people at  Hysterical History Tours to bring you history that is actually entertaining! I know, radical, ain’t it?

Click on our “TOURS” tab above to get more info!

6 years strong!

We’ve made it to six years. Six. Years. It is hard to believe. It was an epic show, with a packed house! But, we started small. VERY small. There was about 5 of us, and we just wanted to have some fun. We started by doing shows to just a few people, most of them friends. sometimes we outnumbered the audience. But we kept at it, did our thing, and those people started telling their friends and more people started coming, and everyone who came laughed, and we were pleased.  At the 2 year mark, I was happy with our success. Then more came! Now we’ve done stageplays, produced our own original musical, made a web series, played in festivals and numerous events in town, and out of town. We’ve started our own one of a kind murder mystery with great sucess, and we just keep going! Of all this, one of our proudest accomplishments is Connect Savannah’s Award for Best Comedy Team. This is a award voted on by you, the people who see us every week, and if you like us enough to get us that honor two years in a row, we must be doing something right!

We’d love to make it 3 times in a row, so, if you really think we deserve it, we humbly ask that you click on the link below and give us a vote in the “Best Comedian/Comedy Team” category this year, too.


Truth be told, though, nothing is better than just seeing those laughing faces in the crowd week after week! Thanks so much, and we will hopefully see you soon!

Updates, Updates, Updates!

We just updated all sorts of stuff! We’ve got so much coming up! Check out the new tabs above to find out about our Workshop, Auditions, Anniversary show, and our appearance at Gnomecon!

As always, check back often to see what we come up with next!

2016: The year of the Odd!

Thanks for stopping by. We’re very excited about 2016. On top of our regular improv shows, we’ll be keeping up with our murder mystery show, or murder mystery cruise, and we’re planning an all original show later in the year! We’ve got a few more things planned, but it’s too early to reveal, but stay tuned! We’re gonna pack this year full!


We’ve recently updated our site a bit, and we’d love it if you took a look around! We hope to keep adding new and interesting shows and events as we look toward 2016! Thanks so much for stopping by!

Savannah's Favorite Comedy Team!